Felicia Martins
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Free Fall
Aliases Felice Martén
Born 1693, Orleans, France
First Death 1714, murdered by highwaymen
Teachers Pierre Bedard
Origin French
Watchers Helen Pantuso
Status Alive
Occupation Musician, model, forger
Portrayed by  Joan Jett

An Immortal who encountered Duncan MacLeod and attempted to use him to make herself stronger before taking his head.

Personal HistoryEdit

Felicia was born Felice Martens in Orleans, France in 1693. As a young woman, she became a prostitute. In 1714, Felicia was raped and murdered by highwaymen near the gates of Orleans. She revived, newly Immortal. She was then found by Immortal Pierre Bedard, who taught her what she was and how to survive. Bedard was known as an expert forger, and Felice learned the trade from him. Bedard kept her with him until he got tired of her, and tried to take her head. In the end, however, Felice took her mentor's head instead.

Felice in the 19th Century.

In the middle of the 19th century, Felice entered a relationship with Immortal Claude Devereux. When that relationship went sour, and Devereux left her, Felice swore vengeance. In order to break her opponent psychologically, Felice stalked and murdered Devereux's new mortal wife and their adopted daughter, drowning them both in a fountain.

Felice had also, by this time, turned her talents to crime, forging documents and portraits, such as the Coronelli map of London. It was in this manner that she supported herself.


In 1992, Felice, now known as Felicia Martins, had discovered the location of Duncan MacLeod, a well known Immortal. She hatched her scheme: she would pose as a fledgling Immortal, and trick MacLeod into training her, then she would kill him, able to counter his own technique.

The scheme worked almost perfectly. When she approached MacLeod's antique shop, Richie Ryan noticed her almost immediately. He helped convince Duncan of her fledgling status, and Duncan reluctantly agreed to train her.

Felice trains with Duncan

He even provided Felicia a prized katana forged by Masamune himself, a blade which proved useful in finally tracking down and beheading her old lover, Devereux. She made a fatal mistake, however, when she recognized her own Coronelli forgery sitting in a corner of MacLeod's shop. Unable to help boasting, she remarked about the item being fake, and when MacLeod had it checked out, he unraveled her entire cover story. When Felicia finally challenged MacLeod, the Highlander unleashed a technique which he had deliberately withheld from his student. Unprepared, Felicia found herself overextended and MacLeod  then easily slipped past her guard and ran her through using the Italian fencing maneuver known as Impasse De Soto.
Felice recives Claude's quickening

Felice receives Claude's quickening

In a rage, she made one final swipe at MacLeod, who countered with a strike that snapped her new katana in half.  In deference to Richie, he did not take her head, however, the Highlander warned her to never approach him or his friends again, and walked away as she collapsed on the sand.