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Appeared in Highlander: The Series, mentioned in the episode Band Of Brothers and in the novel Highlander: Shadow of Obsession
Name Haraonos
Aliases Dyonilius, Emrys, The Holy Man
Born 20,000 B.C
First Death Unknown
Teachers Unknown
Origin Greece
Status Dead, beheaded at the gates of Lutece-Paris by Darius in AD 410

Emrys was an ancient Immortal whom Darius killed during his attempt to attack Paris (then known as Lutetia).

Personal History[]

When Haraonos Emrys was born, perhaps during the Upper Paleolitic c. 20,000 B.C, his tribe lived in caves and worshiped animal totems. Emrys was their shaman, but during a ritual, he mixed one potion too many, and died from the poisonous herbs.  He revived as an Immortal and remained the shaman of his tribe through the centuries. He was there to witness the totems of his youth being replaced by mother-goddesses, and these being replaced by various pantheons. From other immortals, he learned about the Game, and later he taught many immortals as well. Against those who sought his head, he was able to defend himself successfully.

Over the millennia, he was known by many names, but eventually the name he became known by among his peers was Emrys, and he became a legend. At the time of his death, he was the oldest living Immortal.

In the summer of AD 410, Emrys lived as a Catholic priest in the city of Paris. As the Immortal Gothic commander, Darius, approached the city, Emrys met him before the closed gates and challenged him. Although he had followed a path of peace for ages, Emrys was a tough opponent for Darius. He was physically small, but powerful and extremely fast. Even so, in the end, Darius beheaded him and received his Quickening. Darius wondered afterwards if Emrys' smile in his last moments meant that he knew how the Quickening would change him. It was the only known instance of a Light Quickening, and Darius turned his back on violence. Thereafter he lived only on holy ground, where he campaigned for peace as Emrys had done.