Elizabeth Direnzo
Appeared in Highlander: Way of the Sword
Name Elizabeth Direnzo
Died 1966
Nationality Italian
Status Deceased, Stabbed by Toshiro Nakayata
Occupation Illigal Antique Dealer
Elizabeth Direnzo, the sister of Antonio, invited Conner to an illegal antiques auction.  Connor left Elizabeth in Italy, and followed Toshiro to Japan. Connor cut off Toshiro's hand and took the Masamune back, after which Toshiro swore to take revenge and had his hand replaced by a prosthesis. Later Connor and Elizabeth are in Florence planning their future, as Connor feels another Immortal nearby; it is Toshiro, who is angry. Connor takes his Masamune and fights Toshiro, but is disarmed. Elizabeth tries to kill Toshiro but is killed by him. In his rage Connor defeats Toshiro and beheads him. Elizabeth is buried next to her brother.