Dennis Keating
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode Reluctant Heroes
Name Dennis Keating
Born January 14, 1684 in Bradford, England
Died 1711
Nationality English
Status Deceased, killed by Paul Kinman
Occupation Nobleman
Portrayed by  Tony Scanling

Lord Dennis Keating was born in Bradford, England. He was a favorite in Queen Anne's court. In 1711 he met and befriended Duncan MacLeod. Keating was very vocal in his support of the Scots and in his opposition to the war with France.

In 1712, the Earl of Welsley hired Immortal, Paul Kinman to deal with Keating, his political opponent. Keating was incited to challenge Kinman to a duel of honor. Kinman would kill the young man without mercy.