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Debra Campbell
Debra Campbell.jpg
First appearance Homeland
Appeared in Highlander: The Series
Name Debra Campbell
Died 1618, accidently falling off a cliff.
Nationality Scottish
Portrayed by  Laurie Holden

Debra Campbell was the childhood sweetheart of Duncan MacLeod.

When MacLeod spoke to her father about courting her, he was refused. Debra was to marry Duncan's cousin and best friend Robert MacLeod. Duncan protested, seeking exception from Ian and the Campbells, but could do nothing.

Mournfully, he presented Debra with a farewell gift: a silver bracelet. When Robert found out, he was incensed, and challenged Duncan into a duel, and died at the hands of his horrified kinsman.

After Robert's death, Duncan refused to marry Debra because of the guilt he felt at a killing a friend and clansmen. Deeply upset, Debra fled to a childhood hiding place atop a nearby cliff, and threatened to jump.

Duncan promised to marry her, to talk her out of jumping. But as she reached for Duncan's hand, the cliff edge crumbled, the ground gave way, and she fell to her death.

Because the church ruled her death a suicide, Debra was buried in an unconsecrated grave, and her name was never recorded in the local burial records. 400 years later, after the grave had been looted, and MacLeod was trying to return her bracelet to it, this omission made his search much more difficult. At last, however, he succeeded, and he reburied the bracelet with her.


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    "I will marry him if I must, Duncan, but please do not leave me. I have to see you, even if it's only across the village."