Dana Brook
Appeared in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM
Name Dana Brook
Year Joined Unknown
Immortals Observed Connor MacLeod (1985-1994)
Nationality American
Status Alive
Occupation Watcher, previously assigned to the Connor MacLeod Chronicles
Portrayed by  N/A - Dana Brook never appears onscreen

Dana Brook is a mortal and a Watcher, referenced in The Watcher's Chronicles CD-ROM and DVD supplements. Dana served as primary Watcher of Immortal Connor MacLeod from 1985 until 1994, at which point the elder MacLeod entered into the Watcher Sanctuary following the onslaught of Jacob Kell against Connor's friends and family members.

Presumably Connor dropped off of the Watcher organization's active surveillance list after entering into the custody of the splinter faction, although if Brook received a subsequent Immortal assignment to observe, it is not presently known.


In a memo evidently penned at some point prior to the New York City Gathering of 1985, Dana Brook offered up some of his own personal thoughts and feelings regarding the elder Highlander, and his status in the Immortal Game:

The elder MacLeod is a very serious player of the Immortal Game, and a good one. He respects its rules and its nuances, and is always calculating, staying one step ahead of his opponents. Unlike his younger kinsman, Connor keeps his thoughts and feelings very much to himself, although occasionally he will let a smile or his trademark staccato laugh slip out. There are a few things that can penetrate his serious exterior -- the Scottish Highlands, the sea, and "good women." Connor venerates his first wife, Heather, but that has not prevented him from finding love several times since. The legendary Ramirez, his first teacher, helped show him how to strike a balance between serious Game player and lover of life. Although Connor MacLeod hasn't won The Game yet, you can bet he'll be a force to reckon with when The Gathering finally comes.