Cracker Bob
Cracker Bob
Appeared in Highlander: Endgame
Teachers Jacob Kell
Status Deceased 2004 - Beheaded by Jacob Kell
Occupation Henchman
Portrayed by  Ian Paul Cassidy

Cracker Bob was an Immortal, and a disciple of Jacob Kell.

Profile Edit

"Cracker" Bob had an explosive and eccentric personality. It is unknown where he originally came from or what his real name was.

He met Immortal, Jacob Kell, in Georgia in 1931. Traveling through the South, Kell recognized Bob as a latent Immortal. When Bob proposed to lead him to his next destination, Kell accepted, curious to see what the latter was preparing for him.

At the city's exit, Bob tried to rob him, but Kell defeated him easily, causing Cracker Bob's First Death. Amused, Kell decided to keep him close, with Bob becoming the second member of his group after Jin Ke. He joined the former priest in pursuing a centuries-long vendetta against Connor MacLeod.

Cracker Bob's weapon of choice became a heavy wooden club covered in spikes, and he wore eccentric clothes. In 2004, he was the second member of the gang executed by Kell in the group's "last supper." Before being beheaded, Bob could do nothing but smile at Kell, realizing he and the other members had been tricked.