Claude Devereux
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season One episode Free Fall
Name Claude Devereux
Born 1761, in Paris, France
First Death 1789, Musician in the court of Louis XVI, killed by a mob
Teachers Robert de Valicourt and Angelina de Valicourt
Origin French
Watchers Lilianne Mercer
Status Deceased, 1992, head taken by Felicia Martins
Occupation Violinist, Paris Symphony
Portrayed by  Eli Gabay
Claude Devereux was a musician at the court of Louis XVI and was first killed in 1789 during the French Revolution. Devereux, then revived as an Immortal, and was mentored by Robert de Valicourt and Angelina de Valicourt, he later had an affair with the Immortal Felice Martén. In 1873, he left her because he had fallen in love with a mortal.

Together with their adopted a baby, Camille, the couple lived near Paris. In July 1875, upon returning from a business trip to Paris, he found his wife and daughter dead. Felice had drowned them in his absence. She wanted his head, but as he was an outstanding fighter, she tried to break him emotionally before challenging him. Claude took the death of his family very hard and sought revenge.  Felice, however, had already left the country.

Search for FeliciaEdit

In 1992, Claude Devereux lived in Paris and was a violinist in the Paris Symphony Orchestra. At the end of September,  he heard that Felice was in America, living under the alias Felicia Martins. He immediately sought her out out, tracking her to Seacouver. But she was weaving a plot that she hoped would net her the heads of both Claude and Duncan MacLeod.

She posed as a new immortal, fresh from her first death, escaped the morgue, and went to Duncan MacLeod. Wary, he agreed to teach her how to fight. Claude unsuccessfully looked for her in the morgue and his investigation lead to MacLeod's antique shop. There he met Richie Ryan, who, unaware of Felice's true intentions, told Devereux he didn't knew the woman.

That evening, Felice went to Devereux's room.  "You destroyed everything that was dear to me," he told her.  She smiled, "That was the idea." They fought and Felice knocked him unconscious before beheading him.