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Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Four episode The Innocent
Name Chaske
Died 1868, shot by John Lockport
Nationality Native American - Sioux
Status Deceased
Occupation Warrior, Slave
Portrayed by  Darryl Shackelly

Chaske was a Sioux youth who was captured and enslaved by another tribe. He was the brother of Makina.

He was sold to a trapper, Jack Spice, who abused him, whipping him often. In 1868, in the Dakota Territory, an immortal, Duncan MacLeod, saw Chaske being beaten by Spice, he came to Chaske's defense. He took him to a town called McKewansville.

The townspeople despised Chaske cause of the war with ongoing tribal wars that the felt threatened the town. One man, John Lockport, was particularly angry about Chaske's presence.

The doctor, L.B. Hobbs, agreed to help Chaske with his wounds, and afterward, the doctor tried to sneak him out the back door to avoid the crowd out front. Chaske tried to steal a horse, but it belonged to Jack Spice. Spice tried to grab him, but Chaske disarmed him and then shoot Spice with his own gun.

The sheriff, ordered the Sioux to surrender. Chaske dropped the gun, but when he tried to run, he was shot in the back by Lockport.

Chaske shoots Jack Spice dead.