Carter Wellan
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 5 episode "The End Of Innocence"
Born 1052, Kingston, England
First Death 1072, killed by brigands
Teachers Haresh Clay
Origin English
Watchers Shaneika Matthews
Status Deceased, head taken by Richie Ryan, 1996
Occupation Carter, Squire, Companion
Portrayed by  Chris Martin
Carter Wellan died his first death in AD 1072 as a delivery of goods he brought to London was attacked by bandits. His mentor was the immortal Haresh Clay. They remained together over 900 years, taking part together in a hundred campaigns on five continents.

In 1657, Clay and Wellan were in Northern Italy, where they were guests of a count. They left the Count prematurely when Carter dared to win at darts against the (semi-blind) count. Along the road, Carter  and Clay met the Immortal Graham Ashe, whom Clay challenged only too happily. Carter looked on as his mentor and friend beheaded Ashe, while Ashe's young pupil, Duncan MacLeod, observed helplessly. He was mercilessly mocked, as he had sought refuge on holy ground.


Carter, with his teacher and friend, Haresh Clay back in 1657.

In 1996, Carter and Clay lived in Chicago. In June, he had an appointment in Seacouver in a bar, but before Clay came, there came the young immortal, Richie Ryan. He reacted angrily to Wellan's slightly arrogant humor and challenged him. Carter participated in the battle, even if he saw no need for it. Soon it became clear that he was inferior to the combination of good training and Ryan's anger. Ryan beheaded Carter.

Carter, about to face off with an angry Richie Ryan in 1996.


Wellan wielded a two-handed Spanish long sword, "...he opted for speed and maneuverability...while big, the sword was quite elegant. From the burgundy suede and wire wrapped handle, to the brass quillons and duel ring guard, it's obvious he chose it for its form as well as function."