Carlo Capodimonte
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Five episode The Ransom of Richard Redstone
Name Carlo Capodimonte
Status Alive
Occupation Casino owner and thief
Portrayed by  Gary Hetherington

An ambitious and unscrupulous mortal who, in 1978, was a partner in the Casino Montecour with the Baron Lemartin. He watched Duncan MacLeod go bust playing baccarat, and then his companion, Désirée, win one million francs when she took over from MacLeod. He asked if she wished to bank her winnings, but she insisted on taking them away in cash. He told Lemartin that it was bad for the house, but Lemartin called him his ambitious friend, and that a beautiful woman, happy, was always good for the house.

Later that evening, Carlo broke into MacLeod's room, masked and cloaked, and holding them at gunpoint, stole the all the money and MacLeod's gold watch.

Carlo and the Baron Lemartin, 1978

Almost twenty years later, he had forced the Baron out of the casino, telling MacLeod, "the old Baron went a little daffy. Most regrettable. I had to take over the casino." He also held the loan on on the Lemartin chateau. Marina Lemartin kidnapped Richie Ryan with the mistaken idea that he was a millionaire. She told Richie that she had to pay off the note because the only thing Capodimonte wanted more than the money was her. When Richie and MacLeod conspired to assist the LeMartins, and provided the 200,000 franc balance of the loan, Capodimonte said they missed the deadline by a day, and that the purchase price of the chateau was now 10 million francs.

Marina decided there was only one thing left to do. The Baron objected, "Let the nouveau riche lizard have the house..." Marina, however, packed a bag and arranged to leave with Carlo. MacLeod, too, told her they could find another way, but she insisted she had no choice, and got into Carlo's car. Carlo smugly told MacLeod he'd be invited to the wedding, and then with an glance at his watch prepared to leave. MacLeod recognized the watch as the same one that had been stolen from him in 1978, and realized who the thief had been.

MacLeod and Richie then went to the casino to confront Carlo, setting up a scenario in which MacLeod produced a gun, and when Carlo grabbed for it, MacLeod was shot 'dead'. Richie said he'd testify that MacLeod called him a thief, that Carlo called Mac a liar, and then shot and killed him; he said "It's looking like prison for you, pal." Carlo said he'd do anything to avoid prosecution. Richie said if he turned over the deed to the chateau, the deed to the casino, and then left for South America, he'd forget what he had seen. Carlo agreed to turn over the chateau and MacLeod's watch, but he'd rather go to prison than turn over the casino. Richie agreed, and then rushed him off to the airport.