Black Tower
Series Highlander: The Series
Season Six
Episode 6
Protagonist Duncan MacLeod
Enemies Devon Marek
Flashbacks 1634, England
Previous Story Patient Number 7
Following Story Unusual Suspects
Written by Morrie Ruvinsky
Gregory Widen
Directed by Richard Martin
Produced by Ken Gord
Broadcast On November 9, 1997
Running Time 60 Min.
Production Code 97606-112

Plot SynopsisEdit

Four hundred years ago, Devon Marek was a spoiled aristocrat with a passion for the hunt. After his first death Duncan MacLeod told him he had to give up his lands and title when he became Immortal, and when his second death was witnessed, the prediction became true -- and Marek has never forgiven him for it.

Now Marek has built a new empire, and he is ready to hunt his most dangerous prey yet: MacLeod. Obsessed with revenge, Marek has Duncan's date, Margo, kidnapped to lure him into a deadly game: he must rescue her before any of Marek's  hired killers can find and kill him.




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