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Aziz Mirza Bey
Appeared in Highlander: The Series novel Highlander: Scimitar
Name Aziz Mirza Bey
Born 1890
First Death 1917 - Killed by Farid Al'Zafir ibn Muhunnad
Origin Turkish
Watchers None
Status Deceased, 1917 - Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod
Occupation Soldier

Aziz Mirza Bey was a potential immortal who served with the Ottoman army in Baghdad in 1917. A foundling like most immortals, he was brought up by Abdullah Mirza, the son of Hassan, and shared his foster father and grandfather's obsession with collecting beautiful treasures.

Shortly after his father was murdered, Aziz learned the truth of his origin from his father's diary, and determined to prove he was worthy of the family name by finding the treasure his father had been searching for when he died: The sword of Hamza el Kahir. To this end, he sought out the immortal Irzed tribesman Farid Al'Zafir ibn Muhunnad, who had been acting as a guide to his father for the treasure store house at Petra.

Al'Zafir led Aziz Bey through the mountains where they ended up following Duncan MacLeod, who was also seeking the treasures of Petra along with the potential Immortal, the Bedouin boy, Tarif.

Al'Zafir convinced Bey to let Duncan find a treasure for him, after which they took Tarif hostage to force him to surrender the sword. As soon as he had hold of the sword, Al'Zafir slashed Bey across the belly with it, killing him and triggering his immortality.

Bey revived to find Duncan and Al'Zafir locked in combat. Unaware of the rules of the Game and that he was not allowed to interfere in a fight between other Immortals, Bey stalked towards the pair, gun raised. At that moment, Duncan beheaded Al'Zafir and, because of his close proximity, the stroke also beheaded Bey, granting Duncan the slight quickening of the newly-revived Immortal.