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Arthur Drakov
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Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season 2 episode "Warmonger"
Name Arthur Drakov
Aliases Arthur Drakov
Artur Dracnovsky
Arturo de Draconic
Born 1702, in Minsk, Byelorussia
First Death 1749, Executed for robbing a church
Teachers Anatoly Kazansky
Origin Russian
Watchers Sava Vukovich
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Duncan MacLeod 1994
Occupation Security adviser, former Bolshevik Army Colonel
Portrayed by  Peter Firth

Artur Drakov was executed in 1749, for robbery. As a young Immortal Drakov tried to form his own small Baltic state. After a bloody uprising, which almost revealed his immortality, Drakov decided that it was wiser to pull the strings from behind the scenes. He hid in anarchy and chaos, which he orchestrated.

In 1918, Drakov was again in Russia, now part of the new Soviet Union. He rose in the communist system as part of the party and controlled it from the chaos of the shadows. Drakov arrested without real reason, the family of a Countess Abernov. He then met the Immortal, Duncan MacLeod. MacLeod wanted to save the lives of Abernovs and promised Drakov never to challenge him, unless they were the last two for their freedom. He therefore let free the Abernovs. MacLeod however, stole Drakov's stash of gems and presented them to the Countess, which began a new life in exile for the Abernovs.

After his involvement in the Soviet Union, Drakov was active in other areas: he stoked the colonial mess in Africa, in Armenia and in Bosnia. In Romania, he worked for some time for the secret police. From 1976 to 1981, Charles Tarvise became his watcher.

Beginning in 1994, he was known as Arthur Drake in Paris. He worked as a security adviser to the president of an Eastern European country in a state of civil war. In mid-March Drakov shot the president, who would soon sign a peace treaty, and blamed it on another.

At the ballet he met by chance, Duncan MacLeod. MacLeod was initially willing to stick to his promise. But Drakov took advantage, killing a desperate man whose family had been killed by Drakov, and he changed his mind. Just before flying back home, MacLeod called him out and took his head.

Miscellaneous Information[]

Drake wielded a flamberge blade, similar, but not identical, to the sword used by Grayson, making him one of two known immortals in the Highlander universe who used this kind of wave-bladed sword.