Anthony Gallen
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Two episode Epitaph for Tommy
Name Anthony Gallen
Aliases Anthony Korgen, Tony Gall
Born 1813, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
First Death 1855, killed in a drunken brawl
Teachers Harry Hogan
Origin American
Watchers Michael Petrecca
Status Deceased, beheaded by Duncan MacLeod in 1993
Occupation Contract killer
Portrayed by  Roddy Piper

Anthony Gallen was born in the year 1813 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

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Anthony in the present

In 1993, Gallen was hired by Suzanne Honniger to kill her father, as she was unwilling to wait for her inheritance. At the same time, the two became lovers. But there was a problem, Suzanne’s father, Michael Honniger, was growing suspicious of his daughter, and hired a young private investigator named Tommy Bannon to investigate her. Gallen came to know of this and arranged to meet him at an abandoned amusement park, with Tommy assuming that he was meeting his employer.

Gallen waited for Tommy but by coincidence, ran across another immortal taking a jog through the park. He immediately attacked the Immortal, Duncan MacLeod, who had to make a run for his sword. The two fought, but the fight ended when Tommy arrived. Gallen escaped in his car but not before running over Tommy and killing him.

Days later, Gallen killed Michael Honniger with a car bomb with the complicity of Suzanne Honniger. When he went to receive his payoff, Suzanne double crossed him and shot him to death. After reviving, Gallen killed a shocked Suzanne.


Gallen in his last fight

Gallen later returned to the amusement park where he found Duncan and Richie. Gallen assured Richie that they will face each other later, but Richie told him that it would never happen. With Richie gone, Gallen faced off with Duncan and in the end the Highlander was victorious taking Gallen’s head and quickening.


Gallen was a heartless, cold-blooded person who might be described as being without a conscience. He took pleasure in killing mortals and loved money. He was also a gigolo who would sleep with women for money.


Gallen wielded a two-handed sword, a "Garcia de Paredes"-Mandoble.

Miscellaneous InformationEdit

  • Roddy Piper was the only professional wrestler to guest star in the series.
  • The name of Gallen's teacher is an in-joke because Piper had a feud with the wrestler Hulk Hogan.