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Appeared in Highlander: Dark Places
Name Angus
Aliases Angaidh Chisholm, Alexander Criss
Born 1293; Roxburgh, Scotland
First Death 1332; Killed in the Battle of Dupplin Moor
Teachers Kanwulf
Origin Scottish
Watchers John Garrison
Status Deceased, 2017, beheaded by Justina Castillo
Occupation Organized Crime (Enforcer, Bodyguard, Blacksmith)
Portrayed by  Colin Remillard

A simple man, Angus was the strongest of his Clan and grew an accomplished swordsman, and clan champion. He was first killed on the front lines of the Second War of Scottish Independence in 1332, his family and brethren not understanding his resurrection. He would flee to Ireland where he encountered the restless Kanwulf, who would take it upon himself to train Angus, having no student since the departure of Martin Hyde. It was his time with Kanwulf he would cost Angus his morality.

In the 15th century he would connect with Keric Njål, a traveling mercenary who would take him to other Immortals into Romania. As with Keric, he would pledge his allegiance wholly to Andrus Keradoc as a member of his Armas.

Angus remained Keric's top bodyguard and "secret weapon", and saved to unleash upon only the most dire threats to his criminal empire. He also keeps a mortal girlfriend, "Hunni Juggs", whom he met at a local adult establishment owned by his master.

Weapon: Longsword

Note: This character is fan-made and therefore, not canon.