Andrew Donnelly
Appeared in Highlander: The Series season 4 episode "Through a Glass Darkly"
Name Andrew Donnelly
Born 1974 Aberdeen, Scotland
First Death 1993 stabbed
Teachers Warren Cochrane
Origin Scottish
Watchers Robert Neeley
Status Deceased, Beheaded by Warren Cochrane 1996
Portrayed by  Gresby Nash

Andrew Donnelly grew up in a number of orphanages in Aberdeen. There he was abused for a long time, but he began to fight back at 14 years and stabbed a supervisor. For this he received three years in juvenile detention. At 17 he was released, and went to live on the streets of Aberdeen. Two years later he got into an argument with another teen and was stabbed. When he awoke as an immortal, he only vaguely remembered the fight. Andrew thought nothing of it. Several months later he met Warren Cochrane, who told him about his Immortality.

Through A Glass, DarklyEdit

Cochrane took him into his home. He did little jobs for Warren in and around his house. Warren, however, had bigger plans for him. Soon it became increasingly clear that Cochrane wanted to make of Andrew an image of himself, and wanted to recruit him for his crusade for an independent Scotland. But Andrew cared nothing for the past and for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

In April 1996 Cochrane took Andrew to Normandy, and showed him an old inn where he had once met  Prince Charlie. Donnelly expressed his opinion about Warren's mourning a dead history, and insulted Warren and Charlie and their lost cause. With this Andrew made Cochrane so angry that he beheaded him.

The watcher for Cochrane and Donnelly, Robert Neeley, didn't accompany them on this trip because his sister got married at the weekend. The two immortals planned to be back on Sunday, and it seemed unnecessary to accompany them, and so the watcher network was in the dark as to the fate of Donnelly until the truth of that matter was later uncovered by Duncan MacLeod and discreetly reported by Adam Pierson.