Alex Raven
Alex Raven
Appeared in Highlander: The Series, in the Season Six episode Sins of the Father
Aliases Alexis, Lexi Davis, Alexena Sirinakis
Born AD 48, Cumbria, Roman Britain
First Death AD 75, in battle against Romans
Teachers Ceirdwyn
Pupils Rosamond of Kent
Origin Carvetti
Watchers Kelly Quinn
Status Alive
Portrayed by  Dara Tomanovich

Alex was born a member of the Carvetii tribe, an Iron Age people living in what is now Cumbria, in North-West England. She was the daughter of a warrior father and a priestess mother. She grew up to be a fighter like her father. Alex died in battle against the Romans and became Immortal. She was soon found by fellow Immortal, Ceirdwyn, who taught her about her Immortal heritage.

In 1942 during World War II she was in Warsaw, serving as a spy. She fell in love with David Leiner, a Jew confined to the Warsaw ghetto.  They were killed together, but Alex revived and took David's son, Max, as her ward.

In modern times Alex tracked down George Thomas, a banker, but he was killed by a car bomb.

Both Alex and Duncan wind up at George's home and opened the safe. Alex intended to blow the safe open, but Duncan opened it with a nail file. Upon opening it, it was empty and Grant Thomas, George's grandson, appeared holding a gun and revealed that he had his grandfather killed because the old man wanted to give back the money deposited by Jews during the war, the money Alex and Max had been searching for.

Alex and Duncan were then escorted out by Grant's thugs, but were able to fight them off. Duncan then realized that Grant had gone to find Max. Grant shot at Duncan, and then at Alex, then he turned and ran. He finally reached the edge, and the sheer drop-off to the ground below.  Grant looked back, not realizing how close he was, and lost his balance. Before the immortals could reach him, he fell to his death.

Back at the Thomas house, Duncan, Alex, and Max were gathered in the library. They searched  for clues as to where the money was being hidden, finally finding what they sought in a book George himself led them to by comments made to Duncan.


Her weapon of choice is a customized Russian Kindjal. She had the normally 17 inch blade lengthened and mounted in a simple carved handle. The blade was sharpened only on one side. It was a light, fast blade.


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