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A Matter of Time
Series Highlander: The Raven
Season One
Episode 12
Protagonist Amanda
Friends Nick Wolfe
Bert Myers
Joe Dawson
Enemies Andre Korda
Set In Seacouver, WA
Flashbacks 1907 China
Previous Story The Devil You Know
Following Story The French Connection
Written by Karen Harris
Directed by Dennis Berry
Broadcast On February 1, 1999
Running Time 60 min.
Production Code 98112-212


Nick stumbles on a dead man after hearing gunshots. After a futile pursuit of the mysterious black-clad murderer, he returns to the scene of the crime to stumble on the Watchers - under the supervision of one Joe Dawson - bundling the body, one of their own, into a car.

Joe Dawson has come to tell Amanda that Andre Korda, one of her former teachers, is in town, and he still wants Amanda with him. Wanting to protect Amanda, Nick goes after Korda.


  • Elizabeth Gracen - Amanda Montrose
  • Paul Johanssen - Nick Wolfe
  • Hannes Jaenicke - Bert Myers
  • Robert Cavanah - Liam Riley
  • Patricia Gage - Lucy Becker
  • Michael Copeman - Carl Magnus
  • Jim Byrnes - Joe Dawson



Story Notes[]


Korda was close enough to Nick to sense he was a latent Immortal, but did not seem to, seeing as he ordered Nick killed and the body disposed of. This begs the question - was Nick intended as an Immortal from the beginning, or was made one for expediency when the series was cancelled, or is it that some Immortals are simply not sensitive to latents.

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